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Heather Jackson Answers 4 Triathlon Training & Recovery Questions

Heather Jackson knows triathlons. She has placed 3rd, 4th, and 5th at the Ironman World Championships, is a 4x Wildflower Triathlon Champion, 9x Ironman 70.3 Champion, and 3x Ironman Champion. And when Heather isn’t training, she is recovering. Learn more about Heather’s training and recovery tips below. 

How Should I Adjust My Hydration Strategy in the Heat? 

“The biggest thing with heat training is to stay on top of your electrolytes- hydrate before you start to feel thirsty. You can also build up your tolerance level with how much training in the direct heat that you can handle. Get out early for training before the heat of the day as the summer starts to get hotter, and then slowly build your time out training in the hottest parts of the day.”

How Should I Get Started in Triathlons?

  1. Find a local fun event that friends are doing to sign up for. This will give you a solidified goal to work towards and from which you can work backwards from to lay out training.
  2. Find local training groups with fun people to help guide your training and keep things fun. Local masters swim programs, local run groups and groups who meet to cycle are all great.
  3. Start training consistently in all three sports but don’t ramp up your volume and intensity too much week to week. Start by developing a base in all three sports and then slowly progress.

What’s a Positive Race Mantra I Can Use?

triathlon training

“When I am struggling in a race or a hard training session, I always think of the mantra, “You GET to do this. Do it for those who can’t.” I have friends or acquaintances who are either sick, or maybe injured, or can’t be training and racing but would give anything to be able to. I think of them if something is hurting because at the end of the day, we GET to do this sport. It’s a privilege and I’m grateful every day that I’m healthy and get to participate.”

How Do You Use Your Marc Pro?

“I use my Marc Pro literally every day. If I’m not training, my Marc Pro is usually on. My most common usage is some combination of the attachment pads on my quads, calves, and/or the bottom of my foot. I will train in the morning- either a hard bike or run and then most likely take a nap with my Marc Pro on. It actually helps to put me to sleep, so I’m really doubling up on recovery.”

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