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Golf Swing Tips from David Leadbetter | How to Perfect the Swing

golf swing tipsWant to add more power to your golf swing? The key may be as simple as improving your rotation. The bottom line is if you can’t rotate and turn your body to wind up, then you can’t create power. As a consequence you start to use other parts of your body, primarily your arms and hands, to compensate. This is where swing errors can start to creep in. World renowned golf instructor David Leadbetter shares his golf swing tips to help you increase rotation and thus increase power.

Increase Rotation -> Increase Power

One of the aspects of rotation that people often neglect is the tension in their traps. Activities like working at a desk or driving can cause tension to build up, leading to a restricted rotation. The ability to move freely is so important for golf. If you look at the golfers today who play on the Champions Tour, you’ll see that they still move great. They move as well as they did in their 20s and 30s- that’s the whole key. Keep yourself moving, especially as you get older. If you can keep your body in motion, even if you don’t have any aches or pains, you will be able to stay active and keep your body moving effectively.

By improving your rotation, you can coil, turn, and wind up better, all which create power in the swing. Plus, your body can then use proper swing mechanics to prevent any errors and injuries. Perfecting your swing can be as simple as loosening up your body so you can rotate efficiently.

Golf Swing Tips | How to Increase Rotation

David Leadbetter uses Marc Pro to recover his muscles and loosen up his body. The simple task of putting Marc Pro on your shoulders allows the tension to dissipate by relaxing those muscle areas. Marc Pro can help you to sustain and even increase your power. David has found that using Marc Pro can actually increase torso rotation by about 10-15 degrees. If pain is a part of your game, the Marc Pro Plus can also provide significant and lasting pain relief.