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Golf Life | Marc Pro Review

Golf Life recently reviewed Marc Pro to determine whether the unit was something that could benefit the average golfer. While Marc Pro has been involved with professional sports organizations, CrossFit, and endurance sports for years, it is a relatively new technology that many golfers are not yet familiar with.  So how can Marc Pro help the average golfer? Find out in Golf Life’s review on Marc Pro. 

Bottomline, the technology works. I was a collegiate wrestler, so I feel that I understand my muscles and pain pretty well through the years of training and injuries. For me nothing can replace yoga and stretching. However, as I’ve gotten older with more pain and less time, I have more back and shoulder pain and less time to get in my yoga sessions. If I grab golf clubs in hit balls our swing lab or go out for a quick round, I find that I create pain in my back and hips. I can see how the Marc Pro will be a great tool to recover in the evening after a round or practice session and I’m interested to see how the long term stimulus of the muscles lead to less back and hip pain and better conditioned muscles.

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