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Golf Game Tips and Tricks: Marc Pro User Shares His Experience

golf gameGolf is tough on your lower back and hips. It doesn’t take much for tightness to set in and affect your game. In many cases, it even causes the most dedicated golfers to skip a round or two. Proper warm-up and recovery are two very important aspects of golf. The right warm-up will keep you loose so you can take your best shot and make it through the entire round. Fully recovering is also necessary so you can get back to playing another game, without risking overuse injury. Plus, as most golfers know, playing is much more fun when you are not tight or sore from your last round. Recently, we had an avid golfer describe his experience with how the Marc Pro improved his golf game and allowed him to enjoy the rounds once again, pain and tightness free. This is what he shared:

“Here is a short rundown on how I use the Marc Pro for my golf game and some of the results I have experienced.

One of the main reasons I purchased the device was to help with my golf game.

I am one of the many that has very tight hip flexors from sitting at a desk all day which results in an over extended torso and tight/painful low back.

Needless to say, no amount of pre-round warm up or post-round stretching would keep me from getting extremely tight in my lower back and hips.

At first, I would use the Marc Pro only after a round of golf. I’d keep it in my locker and grab it and hook it up on the standard lower back placements on my way to the 19th hole. I’d usually stay hooked up for 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the beer flow.

Just doing that reduced my day after soreness dramatically.

A few weeks ago, I was a little late heading to the club and knew I would get a shorter than normal warm-up so I tried hooking up the low back for the car ride over (15-20 minutes).

That worked pretty well to get those hard to warm-up core muscles firing before I started swinging.

Now my current protocol (time dependent) is to use the device for at least 30 minutes at the house before I even get in the car. Use it in the car, changing the location of the higher patches to get more of the QL rib insertion. Then, after the round in the bar and again at home if I feel tight at all.

I’ve gone from struggling to get a full swing at the end of a long round to playing 27 holes yesterday.”