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Get Stronger and Leaner with a Spring Cleaning of Your Diet

nutritionSpring is here! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and the days are finally starting to gain a touch of warmth in the air. When spring arrives, most people start thinking about the best ways to de-clutter and clean the house, but how often do you think about doing a “spring cleaning” for your diet?

If you feel you’ve reached a plateau and aren’t seeing results in your strength gains, performance or even physique, now is a good time take inventory of what you are eating, how often you are consuming high-quality foods, and learn about new ways to incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables that can really amp up your diet. Not only can this spring-cleaning give you more energy, but it can also work to fuel your workouts better, so that you can perform at your best and continue to improve.

The team at Marc Pro challenges you to kick-off a “spring clean” of your diet with the following tips that help you analyze your nutrition:

Create a Food Log

You may be surprised by what you eat, or what you don’t eat during a typical day. Are you taking in all of your necessary fruits and vegetables on a daily basis? How often are you snacking after a hard workout? Writing down what you eat everyday for a week can give you insight into areas of your diet that may need improvement.

Analyze Your Drinking

How much water are you drinking each day? Are you drinking more sugary drinks than you are water? Taking the time to evaluate the fluids you consume can be beneficial to ensure that you really are fueling your body right.

Make Farmers’ Markets Part of Your Routine

Check out when your local farmers’ market takes place, and make it a plan to try at least one new item per week that you can incorporate it into a new recipe. Be it purple carrots or blood oranges, farmers’ markets usually sell fresh produce that’s in season (which is typically very different from what is sold at grocery stores). For example, spring is the time to stock up on collard greens, limes, mango, pineapple, snow peas, sorrel, strawberries, white asparagus, and much more. Looking for some great spring recipes? Try a spring vegetable quinoa salad for some zesty flavors.

Pack for the Week

After stocking up on some new foods at your local farmers’ market, it is time to prep some healthy meals and snacks that can be consumed during the week. While this step takes a bit of planning and time, it can save you a tremendous amount of time during the week, and allow you to eat healthier without even thinking about it. Cut up fresh fruit and vegetables and place in sealed containers for easy snacking during the week. Prepare a hearty soup on Sundays that can be eaten for dinner meals throughout the week. Believe us, your ‘Monday Self’ will thank you for the ‘Sunday Prep.’

Ask Questions

If you have questions about your own diet and the areas that could use improvement, then take the time to schedule an appointment with a dietician or nutritionist. These professionals can guide you through the best ways to incorporate certain foods in your diet, and give suggestions on the best ways to fuel for your personal goals. You can find a registered dietician nutritionist through this link:

What is your favorite spring recipe? Tweet the Marc Pro team about what you like to eat during spring.