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Gear Junkie – Marc Pro Plus Review

Electronic Recovery: A Shocking Option for Outdoors Athletes

Gear Junkie writer and professional adventure racer, Chelsea Magness, recently put Marc Pro Plus to the test. At first, Chelsea was skeptical the device would help her, but since she kept hearing the benefits other athletes had experienced, she decided to at least give it a try. After 5 months of testing the Marc Pro Plus, she wrote her review for Gear Junkie.

“I noticed it the most after long travel days. Sitting on a plane or in a car for hours at a time makes my legs and back feel heavy. It usually takes me a full day of walking around and going upside down to get the blood and lymph to cycle through.

However, after a 30-hour travel stint, I had no swelling or “lead” feeling in my legs. Most recently, I have been using it in between workouts on my double days. For example, I will go skiing in the morning then come home and use it on my legs or arms for 30 min; in the afternoon I will go and do a pack run interval or bike ride.”


marc pro plus review