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The Gear Guru Investigates Marc Pro for Golf Recovery & Pain Relief

For over 25 years, Patrick Netter, the Gear Guru, has reviewed and investigated the latest trends, issues, and products in the health and fitness industry. He has appeared on hundreds of news and talk shows, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, and CNN Headline News. Patrick also wrote a book titled, “High-Tech Fitness” to show and explain how to use various fitness equipment and recommend training programs based on specific sports and age groups.

Improve Golf Recovery & Relieve Pain

In this episode, the Gear Guru investigates using Marc Pro for golf recovery and pain relief. Often times, pain, soreness, fatigue, and a limited range of motion prevents you from playing as well or as often as you would like. Marc Pro helps address all of these issues by providing golfers with the most effective tool for recovery. The Marc Pro Plus also has an additional setting to provide very significant and lasting pain relief. Both devices can also be used as a warm-up, so you can use it before tee time to get your body loosened up before you even arrive at the course.

“People are at their best when they feel their best.”

Patrick talked to a variety of golfers, from PGA Tour players to everyday golfers who play for fun, to get their take on Marc Pro and discover what kind of effect Marc Pro could have on golfers of any level.


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