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Fun Ways to Change-up Your Workouts

fun ways to change-up your workoutsSummer’s coming to an end and those hazy Autumn days are just around the corner, which means we need to take advantage of the beautiful weather. What a great time to change up your workouts to get outside and breathe the fresh air instead of staying inside in the fake light and stuffy climate-controlled air of the gym. The sky’s the limit when it comes to outdoor workouts, so you’re not limited to running, biking or hiking. Here are some fun ways to change up your workouts before the leaves start to fall.

Fun Outdoor Activities to Get Your Blood Pumping

Go for a Swim: Heat and sun make you want to spend time in the water, so take advantage of the opportunity and get some exercise at the same time. Swimming is one of the best activities around for getting a total body workout, and you won’t work up a sweat in the cool water. Do some laps or try water aerobics for muscle toning.

Rally for Serve: Tennis combines physical activity and mental strategy, no matter what your playing level. Plus, it’s a great social outing so you won’t have trouble finding other players for a singles or doubles tournament.

Outdoor Fitness Classes: Many cities are starting to offer fitness sessions at inspiring outdoor locations, such as waterside, urban settings or parks. Choose from yoga, spinning, martial arts, aerobics or other classes to try something new.

The Benefits of Changing Up Your Workouts

There’s proof that heading outside for a fitness session achieves benefits unlike anything you’ll get in a gym on the treadmill or elliptical: People who work out in the fresh air do so more often and for longer durations than those who stay indoors. In addition, fitness enthusiasts who head outside for physical activity experience lower levels of cortisol in the blood – a hormone related to emotional stress.

Of course, there’s always the mood-enhancing effect of the sun to motivate people to move. Any activity becomes tedious and boring over time, so changing up the monotony shakes things up to make them more interesting. You can see a new landscape when running or witness nature on a bike ride every time you head out.

Tips for Outdoor Sessions

If you’re heading outside for your workout, you’re in a different world compared to the controlled environment of the gym. You’ll need to make sure you’re dressed for the activity, so don rain gear and sunglasses as necessary. Most importantly, always wear sunscreen on any exposed skin. Opt for the sweat-proof formulas so you get full protection throughout your workout.

Changing up your workouts is a great way to break the monotony of your fitness sessions, meaning you’ll look forward to the activity. Whatever type of exercise you decide to do, always make sure to allow time for a recovery session at the end. Fuel up with good nutrition and allow your muscles to become restored after the fitness session.