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Marc Pro Tip: Foot Muscle and Ankle Recovery

Foot and Ankle Recovery

Use this Marc Pro electrode placement tip instead of ice to help aid in faster foot and ankle recovery.

“Place your foot on a cushion, pillow, or pad and place the electrodes as you can see. One set on the bottom of the foot and its opposite on the upper calf and then the other set we go below the sore area and above it. Then have push into the pad forward, backward and then side to side always coming back to neutral. Use the same time frame as you would ice, 20 min on and 40 min off.”

-Dr. Terry Weyman, Chiropractic Sports Institute


Foot and Ankle Recovery
Foot and Ankle Electrode Placement: One set of electrodes placed on bottom of foot and on upper calf. Other set of electrodes placed above and below sore area.