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CrossFit Games Event Report: 2015 CrossFit Regionals

CrossFit RegionalsCrossFit Games Athletes push themselves to go harder for longer every time they step into the gym. These fitness enthusiasts are dedicated to improving their physical condition through workouts that are equal parts strenuous and rewarding.

For those who want to truly push themselves to the next level, the CrossFit Games are the perfect opportunity. The CrossFit Regionals are the second phase of the Games, the portion where the truly elite athletes are allowed to shine and represent the place that they come from.

An Overview of the 2015 CrossFit Regionals

After the CrossFit Open is completed in late March, the massive open pool is whittled down to only the best athletes in the entire world. 20 men and 20 women will advance from the American and Canadian regions. In Europe and Australia, only 30 men and 30 women are chosen from each region, and in Latin America, Asia and Africa there will be only 10 men and 10 women chosen to participate in the CrossFit Regionals.

The CrossFit Regionals take place over three different weekends in May; scheduling and venue selection are based on the layout of each specific region and which area is most convenient for the most competitors. Altogether, there are eight different regional events.

The limited participant pool and global nature of the CrossFit Regionals speak volumes; anyone who even makes it into the Regionals should be extremely proud of such a formidable accomplishment. However, CrossFit Open Athletes who do make it to the Regionals will find that they still have a long and competitive journey ahead.

What to Expect at the CrossFit Regionals

As you might guess, the CrossFit Regionals feature some of the most skilled athletes anywhere in the world, performing some of the most intense CrossFit workouts ever invented. In fact, according to the CrossFit Games website, few people can even perform the workouts at the CrossFit Regionals, let alone perform them at a high enough level to stand a chance of winning one of the regional events.

People will be traveling from all over the world to partake in these events. The Regionals are held at some of the world’s premiere event and convention centers, which are all filled up with friends and family members of the participants. Many CrossFit enthusiasts attend the regional games in-person or stream them at home so that they can be a part of this landmark competition.

CrossFit Regionals and Marc Pro: A Perfect Match

If you want to participate in the CrossFit Regionals, you will need to be sure that your body is in peak condition. With such a high level of competition, there is no room for error; you have to train as hard as possible to stand a chance against the world’s strongest and fastest athletes.

The Marc Pro is the perfect tool to help you do this. Through gentle electrotherapy treatments, the Marc Pro will help you improve blood flow to stimulate muscle recovery. This translates into less time spent resting and more time spent training so that you can give yourself a chance of coming out on top as you compete against the best CrossFit Games Athletes in the entire world.