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Events Report: 2015 CrossFit Open

crossfit openEvery year, CrossFit athletes all over the world who dream about competing on a global stage get a chance to turn their fantasies into reality. The CrossFit Open is a unique competition that kicked off the 2015 CrossFit season.

The 2015 CrossFit Open officially began on Thursday, February 26. As the name implies, this is a worldwide event that is open to anyone who wants to participate. Athletes can either perform a workout at a local participating CrossFit gym where they will be judged in person, or they can record a video of their full performance and upload it on the Internet where the video will be judged by other CrossFit athletes. The Open lasts for five weeks, and each week, there is a different workout to be done. Workouts are released on Thursday, and participants have until the following Monday to either submit a video online or get their workout judged in person at a CrossFit box.

The CrossFit Open is a part of the larger annual CrossFit Games. Once the CrossFit Open is complete, the top athletes are invited to participate in the regionals. From there, the cream of the CrossFit crop will compete at the CrossFit Games, which will be held in Carson, California this year. Whether you are new to CrossFit or have been competing for a long while, it’s important that you understand both the structure of the event and some of the best practices for preparing your body for the grueling challenges it will face at the CrossFit Open.

Preparing for the 2015 CrossFit Open

If you’re gearing up to compete in the CrossFit Open, the first thing you should do is to learn about which kinds of workouts you will be participating in. Although this year’s workouts haven’t been released yet, you can visit the official CrossFit Open website to see what workouts have been included in CrossFit events from years past.

You will also want to make sure that you create a specific plan to help you improve your workout performance. The CrossFit Open is a highly competitive event that features athletes from all over the world. You need to perform at your highest possible level if you want to be successful. The earlier you create a training plan for improving your performance before the games, the easier it will be for you to succeed.

Athletes who are preparing for the CrossFit Open will also need the right type of equipment. From proper workout clothing to effective recovery tools, you can improve your performance by using cutting-edge gear like the Marc Pro. Marc Pro has helped many CrossFit Games athletes minimize their recovery time to ensure that they can train their hardest.

The 2015 CrossFit Open is a great opportunity for athletes to test their mettle against the best in the world. Whether you are competing in the Open or another event like it, make sure that you have the tools that will help you get your body into peak shape to enhance performance.