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Empower Adventure | Marc Pro Review

With late night and early morning training sessions in addition to an office job, it’s hard to allow time for much needed recovery. Arleigh Jenkins of Empower Adventure shares her experience with adding Marc Pro into her daily routine. Could this really help? Find out by reading the full review!

“As a competitive athlete, mom, and working full time when testing this out I can say that it really gave me the extra edge when doing hard work outs in the early morning or late nights. Many elite athletes train, and then can put their feet up the rest of the day. Unfortunately I went from the trainer to the desk chair often within an hour of a hard work out. The Marc Pro provided relief in this common occurrence. The proof was that my back no longer locked up half way through the day, and my hamstrings didn’t feel like tight steel cords for the first 10 minutes of a warm up the next day.”


marc pro review