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Elite CrossFit Athletes Explain How They Use Marc Pro

Elite CrossFit Athletes Discuss Why They Use Marc Pro

Elite CrossFit athletes Kenneth Leverich and Ryan Fischer explain how Marc Pro has allowed them to train harder and more frequently in preparation for the CrossFit Games. Kenneth finished 17th overall in the 2012 CrossFit Games and recently finished first at the 2013 OC Throwdown. Ryan  is a former world ranked BMX rider, a national champion in weightlifting, and made it to the Winter Olympic Trials in skeleton.

“I would say the Marc Pro helps build my skills more just by having me be more comfortable and being to be able to do things more often.”

-Ryan Fischer, Elite OCCF Athlete

“I noticed once I started using the Marc Pro, my body would feel more relaxed. I felt like my muscles were more elongated and weren’t so tense. I felt a sense of relaxation and recovery that I didn’t really get out of doing my usual cool down.”

-Kenneth Leverich, Top Ranked CrossFit Athlete