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How to Become a Better Climber | Cycling Tips from H24

How happy are you with your climbing performance? Like many things, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to cycling. Climbing hills will perpetually be tough, but H24 Cycling team rider Matt Chatlaong has some tips to help you become a better, faster climber.

5 Cycling Tips to Improve your Climbcycling tips

1.Find Some Hills

If you want to be a better climber, you have to spend some time on the hills. Try finding a long, extended hill, preferably one that lends itself to a 15-30 minute ride. Practice going hard, while incorporating some of the other tips below.

2. Be Light

The less weight you have to carry uphill, the better. Try to be as lean as possible. Doing so can provide a huge benefit while climbing hills.

3. Change Positions

Spend time in and out of the saddle. This will help break up the monotony of a long climb and also help you put down a hard effort near the end.

4. Break up the Pace

Instead of pedaling at a constant speed, try breaking up the pace. During a climb, stand up and attack throughout. Using interval-style training can help improve endurance and allow you to progress faster.

5. Experiment with Cadences

Try climbing at higher cadences and see how that feels. Our natural instinct is to pedal at low cadences and smash gears up big climbs. However, that is going to wear you out. Over the course of a 15-20 minute effort or over the course of multiple efforts, try to spin a little more and see if that works better for you.

Being physically prepared for a tough climb is crucial. But, don’t forget about the mental aspect that’s required as well. Preparing your mind for difficult situations will help you overcome obstacles and push through when you hit the wall.