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Why Lifting Weights Won’t Necessarily Make You Bulky

lifting weightsOne of the most common misconceptions is that if you lift weights, you’re going to get bulky. Many people automatically think barbells and big weights equals big muscles. However, that is not the case. This misconception often stems from people who have not been properly educated on the subject. It is possible to have a lean body while lifting weights. You just need to make sure your training and nutrition are in line with your goals. Muscle doesn’t just come overnight. You have to specifically eat and train to put on muscle mass.

Nutrition Factor

How you implement your nutrition will greatly affect the level of muscle mass developed. In order to gain muscle and develop that bulky look, you have to have the proper nutrition for it. Athletes who have a sizable amount of muscle mass eat large quantities of the right muscle building foods. You won’t develop gigantic muscles without eating a generous amount of the right foods.

Training For Your Specific Goals

How you train on a daily basis will also determine the amount of muscle mass you gain. The key is to achieve a proper balance of reps and weight to reach your personal goals. If your goal is to back squat 525lbs, then you will have to train at a level that will require you to develop more muscle. However, if your goal is to develop a strong, yet lean body, then your training program will be at a level that is suitable to your goal. Your coach can work with you to develop a training routine at a set percentage that will allow you to accomplish your specific goals.

Lifting weights won’t only give you that lean muscle look you desire, it also provides many other benefits such as better flexibility and preventative care. Don’t let this misconception prevent you from taking advantage of the benefits of lifting weights.