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Finding the Best Recovery Method…1 Week, 3 Workouts, and 3 Attempts

recovery methodStephanie Schappert, Professional Runner for Hoka One One and the New Jersey New York Track Club, performed an experiment to find the best recovery method. Stephanie has an impressive list of career highlights including:

Career Highlights:

• 2016 US Olympic Trials 1500m Semi-Finalist
• 2015 World University Games Team USA Member (1500m -4th in final)
• 4 x NCAA DI All-American
• 4 x Penn Relays Championship of America Winner
• 8 x Big East Champion


Learn more about her real experiences with three different recovery methods, including no tools, a TENS unit, and the Marc Pro.


As a professional runner, the success of my career is measured in time. Every race I toe the line, the hope is to improve my personal record by mere seconds (down to .01 of a second – yes even a 100th of a second can be a defining measure!). At this stage in my career, yes increasing my mileage and intensity of my training sessions is important, but RECOVERY is just as critical. I work diligently to recover quicker so I can be prepared to workout harder and experience those break through races. Even off the track time is essential as I look to recover as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So check out how I tried 3 different recovery methods to find the best result…

Monday- Recovery Method #1:

AM workout: 10.5 miles and gym session.

PM recovery: No recovery device used.

Reaction: Next morning’s run my legs are still feeling yesterday’s workout and overall slightly fatigued. Happy for an easy recovery run and an extra cup of coffee!


Wednesday- Recovery Method #2:

AM workout: 10 miles and gym session

PM recovery: TENS machine targeting hips and hamstrings

Reaction: Next morning the TENS machine helped relieve a few targeted tight spots. Overall, legs were still feeling a bit stiff and sore.


Friday- Recovery Method #3:

AM workout: 11 miles total for the day and gym session.

PM recovery: Marc Pro Plus, Single Leg Whole Focus (both legs).

Reaction: I left my morning session feeling tired, the real tightness and soreness set in a few hours later. After a nourishing dinner, I sat on the sofa using the Marc Pro Plus Single Leg Whole Focus for 20 mins on each leg (watching your favorite reality TV show is also key during recovery!). On Saturday, I woke up feeling rested and less sore than the morning after my Monday and Wednesday workouts. I often struggle with restless legs the night after a hard workout or race, but I feel like the Marc Pro took this out of the equation. The Marc Pro helped flush out some of the lactic acid from Friday’s workout and left me feeling recovered and ready to head out the door for Saturday morning’s 13 mile long run.


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