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Athletic Trainers Give Marc Pro Some Love

Athletic Trainers from Texas A&M, Yale, Detroit Tigers, Hamilton College, and more stopped by our booth at the 2022 NATA Conference to share their love for using Marc Pro in the training room.

Quotes from Athletic Trainers at NATA Conference

“I work at Texas A&M and we love Marc Pro!”

“I’m Trevor Thompson, I’m an athletic trainer up at Yale. Just want to say that Marc Pro is one of my favorite products. I use it every day. I use it on almost every sports injury I’ve had and it’s the best product out there.”

“I’m Corey Tremble with the Detroit Tigers – medical & rehab coordinator for the club. You know Marc Pro has been a part of our program for over a decade. It started with Kevin Rand bringing the company to us and we’ve expanded every affiliate from top to bottom, from the Dominican Republic all the way to the big leagues. We utilize Marc Pro on a daily basis. Our players are always asking to purchase their own and we make sure that happens.”

“We love Marc Pro okay! It is a useful tool we use almost everyday in rehab. So thank you Marc Pro, thank you so much!”

“Pat Giruzzi from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY…We have 45, if not a couple more, units on campus – that’s pretty much all we use.”  

The Future of Athletic Recovery

Each year more and more athletic trainers, athletes, and coaches are discovering the benefits of implementing active recovery into their routine. Gone are the days of icing, which has been shown to have potentially harmful side effects and delay recovery for athletes. Marc Pro has been adopted for its unique ability to provide non-fatiguing active recovery. Athletes can use it as long as they need without causing additional fatigue. No other tool or method say the same or provide the same level of results. As of 2022, players and trainers from over 500 collegiate teams and over 100 professional athletic teams use Marc Pro.