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Marc Pro Use Tip: Arm Pump Relief

Arm Pump Relief

Helpful tip for dealing with tightness in your arm and neck, also known as Arm Pump.  Arm pump soreness is very common with avid motorcycle riders and cyclists from holding handle the handle bars tightly for long periods of time.

“You will use all four pads on one arm first for 15 min, then switch and use all four pads on the other arm for the next 15 min. This flush, as you can guess, takes 30 min. This will allow you time to get your protein recovery drink in your system and re-hydrate.

The first pad placement is a pad on your palm and the other on the front of your shoulder, just under the collar bone (clavicle). The purpose is to drive fluid and toxins into your subclavian lymphatic duct.
The second pad placement is along the scapular (shoulder blade) border from your lower neck to the end of the scapula. This is to reduce tension in the erector spinae and levator muscles (the muscles you are using to hold on to the handle bars).”
-Dr. Terry Weyman, Chiropractic Sports Institute
Arm Pump Relief
Arm Pump Electrode Placement: Palm of hand and front of shoulder, just under collar bone.  Arm pump reliefArm Pump Electrode Placement: Along the shoulder blade (scapular) border from lower neck to end of shoulder blade.