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The 8 Steps for Perfect Muscle Recovery from Athletic Performance

recovery from athletic performanceAthletic recovery is critical for those who want to make sure their body heals properly from training or competition. There are a few important steps for successful recovery from athletic performance; follow these, and you will keep your body in great condition to minimize downtime and enhance your performance.

1. Get Enough Rest

Sleep is critical to allow the body to grow and recover. Recommendations differ about exactly how much sleep people need: most experts suggest between 7 and 10 hours a night is sufficient for adequate rest. At WebMD, Michael Breus, Ph.D., says that when you no longer need an alarm to wake up, you will know you are getting enough rest.

2. Eat The Right Things

The foods you eat have a big impact on your body’s recovery. Lisa Kovalovich Whitmore at Fitness magazine writes that it is important to get sufficient proteins and carbohydrates to optimize your recovery.

3. Give Yourself Enough Time Between Workouts

Make sure you give your muscles enough time to rest between workouts. To avoid overworking your body, alternate the muscles you train on particular days so that you avoid placing too much strain on your muscles.

4. Use Hot Treatments

Healthline says that heat has been proven to stimulate the flow of blood, allowing muscles to relax. The heat eases pain associated with sore muscles and relaxes the body when it is going through spasms.

5. Stay Hydrated

Water is critical for several important bodily functions, including recovery from athletic performance and exercise. Drinking enough water is one of the most important steps for perfect recovery from athletic performance because it allows the body to flush out toxins more rapidly.

6. Massage Your Muscles

Massage therapy will help loosen you up and increase the flow of blood to your muscles, which is important for recovery after athletic performance. Muscles that are relaxed will also function better during training or competition.

7. Improve Your Posture

NYU’s Medical Center says that bad posture can lead to strains in the neck, shoulders, and back. Be sure that you are sitting in a comfortable chair and not straining your wrists, arms, or shoulders with any common motions such as typing or writing.

8. Use Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation is one of the more technologically advanced steps for perfect recovery from athletic performance because of the way it works on your muscles. Electrical muscle stimulation can help enhance the way nourishment flows into your muscles and can also lead to the creation of new blood vessels, which lessens recovery time necessary for your body between athletic performances and workouts.

No matter what kind of athlete you are, or how demanding your schedule, paying attention to recovery is critical so you can optimize your performance and reduce the risk of injury. Be sure to follow these eight steps and think about other techniques you can follow in order to recover from athletic competition and training.