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5 Ways Technology Has Revolutionized Athletic Training

technology has revolutionized athletic training By Vanessa from WODshop

Everyday there are new advances in sports and technology. This has changed the way athletes eat, train and recover on a daily basis. Here are 5 different ways technology has revolutionized athletic training.

Tracking Technology

Having the ability to track and measure athletic performance has given researchers new insights about sports in its entirety. Understanding the reactions a body has during high intensity training has allowed more effective training methods to emerge. “Imagine driving a Formula One vehicle and not having a dashboard to know how that engine is performing,” says Gary McCoy, applied sports scientist for Catapult USA. Tracking technology includes devices like pedometers, heart rate monitors, body fat calculators and more!


Have you ever gone into a gym and felt lost looking at a room filled with different machines? Don’t be intimidated! They will benefit you in the long run. Researchers have been able to create different machines designed specifically to tone and strengthen certain muscles. Even something as simple as a jump rope has been revolutionized to be lighter, thinner and faster to increase performance training.

technology has revolutionized athletic training


Latest studies show that improvement and strength gains come during the recovery phase, while your body repairs muscle breakdown that happens during training. Devices like the Marc Pro stimulate active recovery and make sure that you fully recover faster.

Access to Training Programs

The Internet has given athletes unlimited access to online strength and training programs. From simple spreadsheets to personalized daily programs, athletes have hundreds of different training options available at their fingertips!


Athletic training happens 365 days a year. Improvements in clothing technology has allowed brands to offer apparel that is made specifically for training. Warm gear, dry gear, compression gear, you name it! These new technologies are designed to improve performance in different conditions without hindering movement.