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5 Habits that Successful Olympic Athletes Carry Beyond The Games


olympic athletesThe 2016 Rio Olympics ended with blasting music, dancing, and immense country pride. But while we need to wait another four years until the next Summer Games in Tokyo, there are key habits that you can incorporate into your regular schedule that Olympians live by each day. Even though you do not need to be as regimented as an Olympic athlete, these lessons may help you be more confident in not only athletic pursuits, but also for career and personal goals.

1. Get Good Sleep

The Marc Pro team has mentioned the importance of sleep in previous blogs, but this is one habit that everyone can improve, without even stepping foot in the gym. Make sleep a priority in your schedule so that you can not only get the rest that you need, but also attain more energy to propel you through your day. You can also boost your recovery by connecting with the Marc Pro before you head to bed.

2. Fuel Properly

Olympians know what they are putting into their bodies because they want only the best results. Why would anyone want anything else? Knowing what you are eating and where your food is coming from can allow for you to fuel your body properly. Try cooking foods in some new recipes that you attain from your local farmers’ market, and look at ingredients before you buy. Just because you might like the way Cheetos taste and give you bright orange fingers, doesn’t mean that corn syrup and sodium caseinate have to be ingredients that you consume. If you’re lacking creativity, try one of these recipes from Olympic runner, Shalane Flanagan’s book “Run Fast, Eat Slow.” One of our favorites are the veggie packed ‘Superhero Muffins.’

3. Set Goals

Many elite and professional athletes have their goals displayed in areas where they can easily be seen everyday. These goals can be displayed on a mirror or posted on the fridge. Wherever the goal is posted, it is intended to be viewed over and over again. Why not do the same? What are you goals for the month? What are you goals for the year? Write them down and post them in a location where you can see them multiple times a day. You may be surprised with how much you can achieve when you see your goals often and take the time to visualize them.

4. Gain and Use Confidence

In order for anyone to reach their goals, they have to be confident that the very outcome is a possibility. It all starts with believing that you can achieve what you have set out to do. You can use checks along the way to gain confidence as you strive towards your ultimate goal. If you were able to hit a specific time for an interval in a workout, and the next time you do the workout, you are able to hold a faster pace with less effort, then you can build confidence that you are building positive momentum. This momentum can guide you and push you towards your ultimate goal.

5. Learn How to Recover

With all of the technological features that we are constantly surrounded by, it is easy to never disconnect from work or electronics. As a result, recovery can be significantly impacted, and many individuals feel as if they are constantly in a state of tension. Set a time to turn off electronics, and find ways to help you recover from the day and let your mind wander. Olympic athletes have found that being too tightly wound or constantly thinking about the next task at hand does not yield more beneficial results. Try taking your mind off the stresses of the day and be mindful of the moment.