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4 Things That Successful People Do At Night

sleeping habits(And Netflix is not one of them)

You look at your phone and realize that it’s starting to get late, but that Netflix movie is really calling your name. “Maybe I could just watch a few minutes, and then head to bed,” you tell yourself as the movie credits start rolling. Two hours later, you realize that you have wasted time that you will never get back, watching a film that should never have been on your ‘must see’ list. You check your phone again, annoyed with how late it is, and how little sleep you will be able to clock during the night.

If it’s not late night TV temptation, maybe it’s waiting to get dinner started until later than you had hoped, which throws your whole evening into a tizzy. Or maybe, you find yourself searching for the ends of the Internet into the shadows of the night. Whatever it may be, these habits may be keeping you from maximizing your quality and quantity of sleep which ultimately, will affect productivity, healthy brain function, and even physical health.

So how can you change your routine and improve your sleeping habits? Here are some suggestions for ways to help you hit the hay early, and catch some good “Zzzzz’s.”

Start Thinking About Sleep Earlier

Thinking about getting to bed doesn’t start right before you turn off the lights. It takes planning to put your body and mind at ease to fall asleep, starting with cutting caffeine out of your daily routine at least 6 hours before bed. Also, try to eat dinner at least 2 hours before you fall asleep.

Stop Working Right Before Bed

It is easy after dinner and before bed to catch-up on a few more work emails or study for an hour, but these habits are inhibiting the quality of your sleep. Consider meditation or other relaxation exercises before heading to bed, and make sure to disconnect from all of your screen devices.

Find a Relaxation Routine

Find a routine that works for you every night before bed. Whether you find that some light stretching or connecting to the Marc Pro helps relax you, take the time to decompress and unwind from the day. Even journaling could be the way to clear your thoughts and allow you to have the sweetest of dreams!

Set a Schedule

To maximize your sleep, it is best to fall asleep at the same time each day, and wake up at the same time in the morning. Get into the routine of setting your sleep schedule, and stick with it!

Creating a better sleep atmosphere and schedule can dramatically change how you feel on a daily basis, and also improve overall day-to-day performance.

Do you have tips that help you get the best night’s sleep? Share your best sleeping tips with Marc Pro!