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1,000s of Sports Supplements… Which Are Best for Performance Athletes?

supplement choices rated best for performance athletesIf you have ever stood in the supplement aisle at your local health food store and felt overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite number of options available, you’re definitely not alone. Some are geared towards sports aficionados, others are aimed at endurance enthusiasts, and there is also an entire group intended to build muscle and enhance performance. Some of those falling into the last category satisfy unique needs, so here’s a look at supplement choices rated best for performance athletes.


For good reason, caffeine is included in many of the top supplements on the market today. The right amount has been proven to boost endurance, increase alertness and decrease your perceived rate of exertion during a workout. In clinical trials, a low dose of caffeine has been shown to give athletes an edge in sports and increase speed. This nutrient has even been linked with curbing post workout soreness. It’s available in a variety of products, but always check labels for dosage.


Many studies support the claim that creatine provides an almost instant energy boost, providing users with the oomph they need to add a few extra reps and increase the maximum weight lifted up to 15%. Your muscles put it to use when engaging in short bursts of high-intensity exercise, enabling you to reach new fitness and performance goals. From a practical standpoint, you don’t need to load up on creatine, as maintaining a consistent amount enables you to reap its benefits.


When you do short spurts of activity at a maximum level of exertion, your muscles release lactic acid – which results in the “burn” you experience. Many times, this discomfort may cause you to lighten up or abandon the intensity of your workout, somewhat defeating the purpose of your high-intensity training. Beta-alanine can actually help you power through the burn and get back to your exercise routine. Studies continue on the benefits of this supplement, but cyclists and runners claim better endurance performance over time.


No list of supplement choices rated best for performance athletes would be complete without protein, the go-to nutrient for muscle growth. Many fitness enthusiasts consume a protein shake within 30 minutes after a workout to alleviate muscle damage and promote the increase of lean muscle mass. Always keep in mind that, as an athlete, your body’s need for protein is much higher than other folks – especially if you’re a dedicated weight trainer.

Fish Oil

Our bodies cannot produce essential Omega-3 fatty acids, so more athletes are turning to fish oil. Increasing dietary Omega 3 has been linked to lowered cholesterol and a reduced risk of cancer. For performance fitness gurus, its anti-inflammation benefits ease joint pain and arthritis, enabling you to get back to your workout faster. It’s now available in a pill form that reduces unpleasant gassy burping.

This primer on supplement choices best for performance athletes is a start to helping you sort out what types are best as a complement to your exercise sessions. If you’re still looking for ways to boost muscle tone and definition, you might also consider some of the top electrical muscle stimulation machines on the market, including Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus. These solutions help speed recovery and enhance conditioning and ease post-workout pain when used after exercising.