The Link Between Recovery & Reaching Goals | Pro Pitcher Dan Straily Discusses

Dan Straily first started playing professional baseball in 2009. He knew that if he was going to make it in the big leagues, it was going to take a lot of focus and a lot of things going in the right direction. Since that time, Dan has learned a great deal about what it takes to play at his best and reach his goals.

Consistency is Key

In order to reach your goals, you have to make a consistent effort. If you’re sore, fatigued, or injured, you’re not going to be able to perform at your best, if at all. Making it in baseball requires an athlete to perform at a high level, every single day. To keep up with the demands, athletes need to be able to recover after every training session or game. Recovery is what allows athletes to consistently put forth their best effort and progress to the next level.

What do the Pros use to Recover?

Dan first started using Marc Pro in 2013 when he needed a way to recover after-hours when the training staff wasn’t available. He would use it the night before a start to make sure he was ready to go and the night after to ensure he was fully recovered post throwing. These days, Dan keeps the Marc Pro in his locker and uses it as soon as he comes off the field.

Pitching is a full body motion. So while most pitchers use Marc Pro on their arms and shoulders after throwing, Dan uses it heavily on his lower half, such as his low back, hips, and quads. Marc Pro can target any muscle group that is sore, fatigued, or overused.

“Last year, I can honestly say I threw 190 innings and I wasn’t sore, at all.”

With any sport, it’s not necessarily the biggest, fastest, or strongest that is going to make it. It’s the person who is able to perform consistently, day in and day out.  Learn more about how Marc Pro will help you make a fast and full recovery.

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