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Marc Pro Perks | Customer Rewards Program

Marc Pro Perks is your ticket to scoring free products. It’s free to Marc Pro customers who are signed up with an account. By completing the following activities, you’ll earn points you can redeem for top accessories like electrodes and apparel.

How to Score Points

marc pro rewards program
  1. Refer a friend – 2,500 points
  2. Marc Pro Review – 250 points
  3. Marc Pro Photo Review – 300 points
  4. Marc Pro Video Review – 300 points
  5. Instagram Follow – 50 points
  6. Twitter Follow – 50 points
  7. Share on Twitter – 150 points
  8. Retweet – 100 points
  9. Share on Facebook – 150 points

Redeeming Points

marc pro rewards
  1. Case of Electrodes – 2,500 points 
  2. Single Pack of Electrodes – 250 points
  3. Marc Pro Shirt – 300 points
  4. Stickers – 100 points

To get started or check your points balance, click here. Referring a friend will always give 2,500 points, but actions 2-9 can only be completed once for points. Sign into your account now to start collecting your points!

Don’t have an account? Email us and we’ll create one for you!

Note: Please select “Huntington Beach Pickup” at checkout to avoid shipping charges. Products will still be mailed out.