Dan Straily on the Importance of Recovery for Baseball Pitchers

As a professional pitcher, Dan Straily’s job demands a certain level of performance. If he’s not ready to go and give his best game, someone else will. To make it in baseball, athletes need to be able to repeat performance and give a consistent effort, all while continuing to improve and get better. Dan has found that the key to consistently performing at his best is recovery.

Why is Recovery Important for Baseball Pitchers?

1. Consistent Performance
2. Injury Prevention

Being a pitcher puts constant wear and tear on the body. While training or playing, muscles within the body become fatigued and tissue breaks down. This fatigue not only leads to issues like soreness or poor biomechanics, but it also prevents athletes from being able to perform at their best and give 100%. Plus, when the body is overused and not given the chance to recover, the likelihood of injury increases drastically.

During the recovery process, muscles repair and rebuild themselves. That’s why it’s so important for athletes, especially pitchers, to focus on recovery. When you allow your body to fully recover, you can then perform at your fullest potential, prevent injuries, feel good, and focus on your game or training, instead of your sore or tired arms/shoulders. By fully recovering between throwing, you will also be able to give a consistent effort.

What’s the Best Technique for Recovery?

Active recovery techniques are the best way to improve recovery. After all, muscle activation is the key facilitator for the recovery process. However, doing too much active recovery can break muscles down further and reverse any recovery benefit. That’s why players from all 30 professional baseball teams use our patented technology. Marc Pro provides active recovery, without ever putting stress on muscles or causing additional fatigue. It can be used as long as necessary to ensure a full and fast recovery.

“The Marc Pro is a big tool to help me recover and stay on the field. Because if you can’t stay on the field, you’re not going to make money, you’re not going to be able to play your sport. If you’re not ready, you’re not going to be around very long, they’re going to find someone else that is. You have to take every advantage you can in preparation and recovery that is possible.”

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